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Another Cape York trip 2013 - agora - 11-10-2013

We just returned from a 3 month trip to north Queensland and Cape York. No dramas on the trip. We all followed our 4wd basic driving course rules. Two of the trucks were fully equiped landcruiser 79 series including rear diff lockers, 2" lift and chipped for extra power. The 3rd vehicle was a standard Triton wagon towing a camp trailer. No the Triton did not do all the difficult creek crossings not enough clearance for the steep banks.
The Trayon handled the rough terrain with no incident. No dust inside and the 3 way fridge kept the cryovac meat frozen in the freezer section for up to 6 weeks. (most of the time the fridge ran on 240v or gas).

As we traversed up the coast of Queensland we experienced the typical drizzle and some heavier rainfalls but once past Cairns the Dry season was evident. We followed the typical path- Cape Tribulation, Bloomfield track, Cooktown, Lakefield National Park, Iron Range National Park, OTT, The Tip, The TI group of islands and returned via Granite Gorge, Chillagoe, Croydon, Karumba, Lawn Hill and the fossil sites of Riversleigh and Winton.

We were fortunate to have with us one couple who were a botonist and a zoologist. As expected I quickly became confused with all the new names for most of the plants and animals. Images like the vast amount of Brolgas north of Normanton, New Guineau heron, Magnificent riflebird, Victorian riflebird, blue headed miner, Kurumba's Jabarus, rainbow dove, sugar glyders and the list goes on.

Attached a a brief range of phots, jpg format. Some are poor quality because they were snapshots from videos.

Wet weather setup
Jondaryan Woolshed
Karanda Butterfly Farm
Ford crossing Eliot Falls
Kalpower (Lakefield N.P.) backburning next to campsite
Kalpower freshie left of causeway
Kalpower saltie right of causeway
Palm Creek - OTT
Quikan rock art -Laura 4wd tour
Siesia campground night visitor
Chillagoe Limestone Caves
Croydon to Normanton Gulflander
Kurumba Gulf sunset
Kurumba's Jabiru
Granite Gorge
Lawn Hill
Lawn Hill
Riversleigh Big Bird
Winton "Great stampeed"
Lake Eacham ECO Resort - Sugar Glyder
White Lillie Lagoon Lakefield National Park

RE: Another Cape York trip 2013 - Josh #44 - 11-10-2013

Thanks for sharing Agora. Love th photos esspecially your roof rak awning idea... foor for thought there

RE: Another Cape York trip 2013 - Falkon - 13-10-2013

Wow! what great photos and terrific adventure, thanks for sharing, loved it and getting itchy feet to get away again.

RE: Another Cape York trip 2013 - preston - 13-10-2013

Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. We just went away for the weekend up to Cape Tribulation and up the Bloomfield track to camp at Home Rule. Struck bull dust on the Bloomfield. Unbelievable how dry it is at the moment.