#789 at Katoomba Falls...
We had reason to be in Katoomba for 7 days just before Easter so we stayed at the Katoomba Falls Caravan Park. It's a bit pricey (read VERY pricey) but the site is very clean and well looked after with friendly staff so it worked out well for our needs on this occasion.

As you can seen from the picture, we put down the legs, plugged in, and settled in very comfortably despite the often cold and drizzly conditions.

We did see two other Trayons on our trip. #1 was a old "Seeker" on a Hilux and was parked in Katoomba by the Woolies complex, no one was present. #2 flashed by us in the other direction just south of Deepwater while on our way home

(PS No - we weren't in the Blue Mountains to see the "Royals")

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Love a good detach photo, thanks for sharing. The old Trayon light flash, you can see them coming ahead on the highway and there nothing like that brotherly bond from a stranger who flashes his lights at you on the highway --- The Trayon Brotherhood

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