Tough Trayon
Been eighteen months since we've been able to go camping. Went away for a few days before Easter. Camped at Goomeri in SE Qld. Got set up at a great site when a brewing storm converged on us. Didn't look anything spectacular but when the wind hit Whooska! I've been in some high winds but this was the best. We were inside the Trayon hanging on as the canvas was bellowing and the whole shebang was rocking and rolling. This went on for a good ten minutes then the torrential sideways rain. Well, we survived, the Trayon performed magnificently. The two roof poles got lifted from their bases, that's all. The guy ropes on the bed did their job and no leaks to speak of! Great campers these Trayons! Saved me from seasoning the canvas this year, done automatically!
Mark & Jan
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