Trayon around the world trip
Hello fellow Trayon travellers

We thought you might enjoy these photos of our trip around the world with our Trayon #619.

Our trip went as follows:

• Sydney, Australia
• Durban, South Africa 04-Jul-2009
• Etosha Game Reserve, Namibia 12-Aug-2009
• Namialo, Mozambique 16-Sep-2009
• Arusha, Tanzania 09-Oct-2009
• Nairobi, Kenya 05-Nov-2009
• Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 17-Nov-2009
• Khartoum, Sudan 01-Dec-2009
• Cairo, Egypt 21-Dec-2009
• Tripoli, Libya 17-Jan-2010
• Tunis, Tunisia 29-Jan-2010
• London, UK 30-Apr-2011
• Paris, France 12-May-2011
• Helsinki, Finland 30-May-2011
• Sankt Petersburg, Russia 01-Jun-2011
• Moscow, Russia 10-Jun-2011
• Volgograd, Russia 17-Jun-2011
• Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan 07-Jul-2011
• Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 30-Jul-2011
• Kashi (Kaxgar), China 08-Aug-2011
• Hami (Kumul), China 27-Aug-2011
• Lhasa, China 17-Sep-2011
• Kunming, China 23-Oct-2011
• Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 18-Nov-2011
• Sydney, Australia

Needless to say the Trayon worked like a charm. If you want to see more just visit our trip blog at:

I am in the process of writing a book on our adventure so if you want some interesting reading and hear more about the Trayon adventure keep an eye out for it (I will let you all know when it hits the shelves)

Enjoy the photos…

Jones - Journey

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HAVE-A-GO AT THIS!! A book about adventure, fun, travel, camping, touring and living life to the fullest with a Trayon on the front cover NO-LESS!!

Africa Road Trip: One LandCruiser, Two Australians, 300 Days


Imagine: “you want adventure, you want a once in a lifetime story to tell, you want to experience the world and you OWN A TRAYON CAMPER!!” why not go on an overland travel and live life to the fullest. Brian and Carol Jones (Trayon Camper #619) did just that and they wrote a book about it.

We are happy to let you all know that the book is now available to purchase in paperback form (or kindle) at, here is the link:

Thank you to Brian and Carol for sharing their adventures with us in so many ways, we look forward to the next instalment and enjoy the Trayon Camper taking pride of place on not only the cover but in the photo illustrations throughout the book – Heart!

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