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Flinders Island
29-03-2014, 09:54 AM,
Flinders Island
We loaded our Patrol and Trayon onto a freighter to get there. More expensive than the Spirit but there's no option.
[Image: FlindersIsland001_zpsd8811eba.jpg]
Once there we headed north to the Patriarch Wildlife sanctuary for two days just chilling out.
This little guy has "lumpy jaw". It will kill him. Caused by well-meaning visitors feeding marsupials bread. Don't do it!
[Image: FlindersIsland006_zps0ab75525.jpg]
We then took in the views from Walker's Lookout. Now, does that look like what you'd expect from an island in Bass Strait?
[Image: FlindersIsland028_zps22f48e1c.jpg]
Then on to Sawyer's Bay for a couple more days relaxing and exploring. Full moon, campfire on the beach, too much wine. Bliss.
New owner built shower tent looking good.
[Image: FlindersIsland011_zps16d5a99c.jpg]
Down to the Dock-an old pioneer era anchorage.
[Image: FlindersIsland017_zps1f6257c9.jpg]
[Image: FlindersIsland019_zps5f4101ab.jpg]
[Image: FlindersIsland018_zps7f7b1cba.jpg]
Stunningly beautiful place.
Egg Beach-so named for all the small eggshaped granitic boulders on the beach-extreme left centre.
[Image: FlindersIsland025_zpse3bccf64.jpg]
Flinders' famous lichen encrusted granite.
[Image: FlindersIsland023_zpsa30c4f85.jpg]
So.....whilst expensive to get there, well worth it in our view. And probably first time a Trayon has been there!!
Trayon #699.
29-03-2014, 04:10 PM,
RE: Flinders Island
that is spectacularHeart, thanks for sharing Pat! That photo of the patrol/trayon next to the "4wd only" sign is the epitome of Trayon Travel. The boys at trayon should put that on their brochure or somethingBig Grin

30-03-2014, 10:08 AM,
RE: Flinders Island
Thanks Pat, another fantastic place in Australia. I suppose the cost of getting there will keep it pristine for years to come. Thanks for the great pics.

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