#933 Kimberley Ramble
We have recently returned from our first longer trip with our Trayon. Essentially a up the centre then a meander along the Gibb River Road returning back to the centre via the Tanami. Highlights included traveling to the magnificent Mitchell Falls ( and having a swim in lots of waterholes) as well of course just finding our own quiet spots and having a visit from a dingo at camp one night. Seasoned 4 wheel drivers will know it is almost pointless asking about road conditions, it just depends what you are used to. For what is is worth the Tanami is a as smooth as a Freeway. Gibb River East side a bit rough in spots, the West End is fine and road into the Mitchell Plateau was the worst we encountered for the trip. I use a % system Gibb river road to Drysdale station 10 % worse than the rougher sections of the Gibb, road into the falls 20% worse. All easily fixed, slow down and lower tyre pressures and take in the fantastic country we live in. Our appetite is fired up so Tasmania in November and a loose plan for the Simpson next winter                    
Those are some fantastic photos #933 - awesome and thanks for sharing, looks like you guys had a ball. Enjoy Tassie in Nov (book the Spirit of Tasmania as a normal ute with a canopy at $98) :-)
Yes. The Kimberley is a fantastic area. Been through there several times over the past 30 years. It keeps drawing us back. You will enjoy Tassie. Great location with some fantastic spots to camp. Enjoy

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