Fraser Island
After picking up our Trayon we headed off to Fraser Island for a shake down trip. We just got back to the Blue Mountains after being away for 2 weeks with 5 nights on Fraser Island. We stayed at Cathedrals campsite which was almost empty. Good time of the year to explore Sth East Queensland. We're loving the Trayon Smile It exceeded all our expectations. Here are some pics of our first Trayon trip.

Denise & Bryan

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Great spot but haven't been there for about 20 years.
(29-08-2016, 06:57 PM)Cruiser Wrote: Great spot but haven't been there for about 20 years.

We'd never been before so had nothing to compare it to but we really enjoyed it. It wasn't overly busy being August. Must be a good time for fishing because there was some serious fishing gear around. As we were leaving we saw 2 other Trayons camped in the dunes.

Hi Bryan & Denise,
I like the look of your rig. Can you advise what brand of solar panel you use and how you mounted it to the shower roof on the back of the Trayon? Also how effective is it? Seeing your rig has given me the idea to do something similar.


Wayne & Melody (Trayon 950)
Hi Wayne & Melody,
It's a Solbian solar panel which we had sent direct to Trayon who mounted it on to our shower roof for us. Solbian are an Italian brand. We don't solely rely on this panel, we have another larger one which we throw over the bonnet of the truck when camped. I can't really comment on its effectiveness because it's too new but we're confident it will serve us well.

For anyone travelling north to collect their Trayon Fraser really should be a mandotary requirement part of the collection process / shakedown. Great location for camping and a bit of beach driving

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