Trayon around the world trip - Africa Road Trip
Hi to all our fellow Trayon road trippers!
We are very excited about 'Africa Road Trip', the book we have just published on Amazon, about the first part of our 'Trayon around the world trip'.
Just want to let you all know that on the weekend of March 15-17 2014 we are promoting the ebook format of 'Africa Road Trip' at the lowest reduced price on Saturday, and slightly higher reduced price on Sunday. The ebook is free with purchased print copies on and
Probably no need to add that our Trayon camper was ideal for all our travels, the envy of many fellow overlanders, and a constant curiosity to officials and locals everywhere. Writing the book has enabled us to relive the whole adventure.
Happy road tripping to you all!

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i am insanely jealous....Wink

Well done to you both, ill look for it and have a readBig Grin

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