Flinders Island
We loaded our Patrol and Trayon onto a freighter to get there. More expensive than the Spirit but there's no option.
[Image: FlindersIsland001_zpsd8811eba.jpg]
Once there we headed north to the Patriarch Wildlife sanctuary for two days just chilling out.
This little guy has "lumpy jaw". It will kill him. Caused by well-meaning visitors feeding marsupials bread. Don't do it!
[Image: FlindersIsland006_zps0ab75525.jpg]
We then took in the views from Walker's Lookout. Now, does that look like what you'd expect from an island in Bass Strait?
[Image: FlindersIsland028_zps22f48e1c.jpg]
Then on to Sawyer's Bay for a couple more days relaxing and exploring. Full moon, campfire on the beach, too much wine. Bliss.
New owner built shower tent looking good.
[Image: FlindersIsland011_zps16d5a99c.jpg]
Down to the Dock-an old pioneer era anchorage.
[Image: FlindersIsland017_zps1f6257c9.jpg]
[Image: FlindersIsland019_zps5f4101ab.jpg]
[Image: FlindersIsland018_zps7f7b1cba.jpg]
Stunningly beautiful place.
Egg Beach-so named for all the small eggshaped granitic boulders on the beach-extreme left centre.
[Image: FlindersIsland025_zpse3bccf64.jpg]
Flinders' famous lichen encrusted granite.
[Image: FlindersIsland023_zpsa30c4f85.jpg]
So.....whilst expensive to get there, well worth it in our view. And probably first time a Trayon has been there!!
Trayon #699.
that is spectacularHeart, thanks for sharing Pat! That photo of the patrol/trayon next to the "4wd only" sign is the epitome of Trayon Travel. The boys at trayon should put that on their brochure or somethingBig Grin

Thanks Pat, another fantastic place in Australia. I suppose the cost of getting there will keep it pristine for years to come. Thanks for the great pics.

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