Trayon trialls at Tasman Peninsular
        The plan seemed fool proof at first.
We take our new to us Trayon away for a couple of days to see what if any problems arise.
Bel expressed a desire to catch up with horsey friends at the Equestrian centre in Lauderdale, so we figured a stooge around Port Arthur/Tasman Peninsular was the go.
Good points:
Had a ball.
Loved the freedom to just pull up anywhere for a cuppa
Ute felt it but nowhere near as bad as previous old slide on camper
Dog didn't get car sick from his first ride inside the cab with us
Rain held off for the most part
Views are stupendous
Not so good points:
wish i had bought one sooner

All in all a good first run with the unit, will need to make a few adjustments but thoroughly enjoyed our time with the camper.

Scott & Belinda
(24-04-2014, 05:29 PM)Rossel Wrote: undefined

I have just had a phone call from Rossel.

He is just as puzzled by his recent posts as everyone else.

He typed an eight line reply, clicked "Post Reply" and got a message to say that his post had been sent.

However all that appeared on the forum was the word "undefined".

He hopes to discover the problem so that normal service can be resumed. Smile
#247 Dual Cab model on Defender 110 single cab
G'day Scott & Belinda,
Congratulations on becoming a Trayon owner(s).


Whoops, just seen this covered elsewhere.
Trayon #699.

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