Diamantina National Park
We just got back from an Outback Queensland Adventure. Here is a youtube clip featuring our Trayon in Diamantina National Park.

        Hi, Great place to visit, we were there in 2007 and 2008 visited both the spots you mentioned. First time it was very muddy after recent heavy rain. Road was a strip between lakes of water on both side of the road then dusty the second time. We were there in July August, no flies then, Great spot and thanks for the video. It brings back memories.
We thought it the roads would be interesting with rain. After a 3 year dry spell it was very dry for us and the flies were crazy. During the day we hid in the Trayon (fly free) and read books waiting for the magnificent sunset and stars. Hence we only stayed for 3 nights. Our next destination was the stunning Lawn Hill Gorge which made up for the swimming we couldn't do in the muddy Diamantina.
A beautiful spot. Thanks lovely photo
We were there in 2006 and again in 2010 on our way back from The Cape.

Great spot - until it rains.

[img][Image: eDPXCj.jpg]
[Image: ztwF0z.jpg]
[Image: 9nOE0i.jpg]
[Image: ApPVsW.jpg]
[Image: OGHexL.jpg][/img]

Caught some great yellowbelly at Hunters Gorge. When it rained we had to stay put for nearly a week and missed the camel races at Boulia. had a convoy of vehicles led by the ranger and took a day and a half to get out.
Wow. That's awesome to see - although hard to imagine after how dry it was in May. Thanks for sharing.

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