First Outing
Finally had a weekend free to try out the camper. We decided to go to Broadwater Forestry Reserve outside Ingham. It's a great spot with good swimming holes and basic facilities, toilets and cold showers...brrrr. There is a short bushwalk through tropical rainforest with plenty of birdlife to observe.[Image: IMG_2806_zpsmc7u43g1.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2808_zpsq7rgwahs.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2818_zpsxkrl9yad.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2820_zpstpp7aw6z.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2815_zpsmrntg9kb.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2814_zpswv2aotle.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2813_zpsvejowxci.jpg].
Hi Drew

Thanks for sharing mate, hope the outing was fun and the Trayon played its part. Looks like a nice spot there. Just a hint - you can push you stair-door legs in deeper (making them shorter) to accommodate a better angle on the treads for easy entry and exit of the Trayon Cool

Keep the post coming, we all love seeing other Trayon's doing what they do best....

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