Tough Trayon
Been eighteen months since we've been able to go camping. Went away for a few days before Easter. Camped at Goomeri in SE Qld. Got set up at a great site when a brewing storm converged on us. Didn't look anything spectacular but when the wind hit Whooska! I've been in some high winds but this was the best. We were inside the Trayon hanging on as the canvas was bellowing and the whole shebang was rocking and rolling. This went on for a good ten minutes then the torrential sideways rain. Well, we survived, the Trayon performed magnificently. The two roof poles got lifted from their bases, that's all. The guy ropes on the bed did their job and no leaks to speak of! Great campers these Trayons! Saved me from seasoning the canvas this year, done automatically!
Mark & Jan
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That's the Trayon way...

Glad to hear it lived up to its reputation. I got hit by reportedly 120+km gusts of wind in my Trayon in September 2014 down in Thredbo diggings at Kosciusko National park. #777 took it like a champ but i scurried inside to hunker down for better or worse - it was so bad i could hear the gust come down the valley (the trees complaining) and then it would hit the camper with gusto (pun intended) My canvas also did the suck-in and puff-out thing too but my center posts have the zip-tie solution that the new Trayon's have so my posts did not lift like yours.

Needles to say it wasn't a peaceful night sleep (no matter how comfy my Froli system is)

The next morning the campsite looked like those "trailer parks" in USA after a tornado paid a visit -but i folded up my Trayon with only the fly coping damage (the bundgies on one side were completely ripped off) and drove off feeling chuffed and very patriotic in my camper.

Harry (the bush poet) that was at the 2014 Trayon Muster also had his camper go through very high winds (hence the poem at the Muster that is now on the Trayon YouTube Channel video) he just lost the pop-up ensuite cubicle at the back (shower tent)

They are tough campers indeed.
Hi Vernon,
What's the zip tie solution for the centre poles? Any chance of a picture? Would like to find a solution to the centre poles lifting.
We've been in a few big winds where we've hung on to the poles. Worst was in SW WA when we were blasted for about 30 mins. No tents at our campsite survived but Trayon was undamaged. Plenty of van awnings were buckled. Centre poles do tend to lift out in high wind events if we're not quick enough to hang on though so would like to see if it's a modification I can do myself.
(17-06-2016, 07:23 PM)JT789 Wrote: What's the zip tie solution for the centre poles? Any chance of a picture? Would like to find a solution to the centre poles lifting.

Hi Tony - no worries mate - This is how the centre poles are done on all the latest Trayon Campers. The zip-tie solution just holds the bottom cook over its round counterpart and will also help stop them lifting in high winds. It makes adjusting the centre posts easier as you can now just lift and push up on the top pole with the bottom one being held in place by the zip-tie.




Thanks Vernon,
So simple. Our next trip starts in a few days and we'll be away for a month - just a short one this time :-)

I can make this mod before we leave.


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