#789 at Urandangi
We just returned from a short trip from SE QLD to a private property near Alice Springs. We camped with the Trayon on its legs for 11 nights. Lots of 4wd low range during the day and plenty of dirt road driving to get there and back – although not as much as originally planned when roads in the channel country were closed twice due to flooding. We covered just over 6,000km in the 3+ weeks and had some fabulous campsites. We saw ten other Trayons on the road and actually camped next to 945 at Gemtree on the Plenty Highway for a night – they were heading west as we were heading east so we were able to exchange valuable info on road conditions.

Our Trayon behaved perfectly, as usual, but we did sustain three stone hits to the windscreen making a replacement the next priority - I always slow down and keep well over, even stop, when passing others on outback roads but not everyone does!! Our Landcruiser changed from black to red from the dust and I’m still washing it off - but nothing got inside the camper.

Here’s pic of our camp spot down by the river at Urandangi


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